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Uniquely Inspired,

Creole & Afro-Caribbean Flair,

Savory Pies with Soul.


Meet The Chef

Thank you for for visiting our site. I'm Chef E, creator and founder of Soul Pie NOLA! If you've ever purchased, sampled, inquired about, searched for, told a friend, ordered on-line shipping, or just stopped by the truck to chat about the origin of Soul Pie NOLA, I would like to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR OVERWHELMING SUPPORT!

I've always had both a passion for business and a desire to be different. While in college, I would frequently receive requests from friends to make quiche for parties and gatherings.  It became so popular that I began to challenge myself to create new flavor combinations in an effort to maintain interest. It was often that I'd get an occasional, "You've got to sell these," from a friend or acquaintance. That, in turn, would prompt my automatic response of "Ha ha, people don't really eat quiche, it's more of a novelty item".  So, I just continued to make them upon requests for the next few years.


Fast forward to Essence Music Festival 2018, when I decided (for some unknown reason) to make 30 pies and "See what would happen" -- After all, I needed to know if selling savory pies was just an idea or indeed an opportunity. That weekend I baked, sampled and sold over 300 pies consisting of flavor combinations such as lemon pepper chicken, crawfish and hot sausage pies.


The following week I put all of my efforts into finding and purchasing a retired mail truck in order to convert it into what is now Soul Pie Food Truck.


Today, we have expanded our menu to include over 30 available pie options, daily soul food specials and nationwide shipping of select pies from our menu. 


So, if you want to eat different with fun food options, presented as pie combinations, follow us on social media @soulpienola and catch us #slanginpies in an area near you!


Tel: 504.500.0241  |  Email:

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Pop-up, take-out and local delivery.

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Thursday Pop Up


West Jefferson Medical Center


Contact Us

Tel: 504.500.0241  |  Email:

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